What can the Cosmic Life Force Energy do for you?

Learn about a vibrant new energy system which can change your life for the better!


The Cosmic Life Force Energy System guides the way for your wellbeing on all levels of your Being. It:

  • Teaches you how to understand and gradually master your energy flow
  • Is an excellent way to source limitless energy
  • Offers a step by step path into vast Spiritual Evolution
  • Is healing, rejuvenating & empowering
  • Lets you train at your leisure
  • Moves you out of density and into Light
  • Gives you tools to quiet your monkey mind and messy reactive energy 
  • Supports your growth into a new vibrant way of being
  • Enables you to embody increasing levels of CosmicLight in your physical body aka "Heaven on Earth"

To read Anna's story of how she first discovered the Cosmic Life Force Energy System
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How to access it

 All CLFE System Training is offered in manageable, well paced courses or modules, currently working mostly 1:1 with Anna. Down the track, there will be online training offerings and group trainings as well.

You can also use the many Cosmic Life Force Energy Services and Products to support and enhance your life, either as part of your overall CLFE System Training or as standalone usage.

Several options for one-off trainings within the System are available as well including CLFE Foundation Flow, Cosmic Alchemy Rays & CommandsYour Blueprint and Cosmic Tools  - CLEAR

Who can benefit from the Cosmic Life Force Energy System?

Everybody...from beginners to spiritually advanced and practitioners, from any job or walk of life.

The Cosmic Life Force Energy System, once learnt, is easy to do. It's unlimited and abundant and with regular practice you will notice many great changes in your life. 

The system has so many healing and enlightening benefits that really, you just need to discover and learn the techniques so you can experience it for yourself.

To discover more about the Cosmic Life Force Energy System check out Q & A 

How does the Cosmic Life Force Energy System help you to maintain balance in your life?

It has the ability to increase your energy levels as required, clear density, help you move into and or sustain a positive state of mind. Many have used it to successfully manage or banish anxiety and heal themselves on many  levels. 

The Cosmic Life Force Energy System supports and enhances your life from the inner to the outer expression of living. Practised daily, it is a life changing programme.

Last but definitely not least, it is an immense tool for developing a Divine Connection with all life starting from deep within your self.

Discover. Learn. Connect

The Cosmic Life Force Energy is at once, practical, mystical, subtle and powerful.