Path of LOVE leads you into a new experience within the CLFE interaction. The energy begins to flow in a different way and expands considerably. Having laid down massive energy flows in the Path of POWER, Path of LOVE can now open out extensively and flourish. 

If the Path of POWER is like a tree's roots, trunk, branches & twigs; Path of LOVE is its blossoms, leaves, fruit & seeds! 

Please note that with all expansion comes supportive balance and rejuvenation

There is immense beauty and grace within this level

You will be transforming radically on all levels

It is a very deep experience

Path of LOVE is for those who have completed their Path of POWER training and are ready to move forward. 

All training in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System is at Anna's discretion

Important note for  Path of LOVE trainees...the sequence of the levels on the Path of LOVE has a natural and timely flow, however for some trainees it may need to become flexible depending on where they are at in their flow. This is something deeply personal, to be discussed with Anna as you go along. Sometimes she may even need to mix and match levels to harmonise with how your energy is unfolding on the Path. Exciting times!