Select your Alchemy Energy Package from the Menus below:

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General Body, Mind, Emotion & Soul Packages

- Abundance
- Empowerment
- Comfort
- Peace
- Relaxation
- Love
- Compassion
- Profound Gratitude
- Upliftment
- Creativity Boost
- Forgiveness
- Grounding
- Conception
- Create Flow
- Self Care
- Self Worth
- Self Love

- Conscious Release
- Release Blocks
- Drop Resentment
- Surrender
- Freedom
- Trust
- Ignite Joy
- Juicy Living
- Rebuild your Life
- Fresh Start
- Confidence
- Completion
- Project Completion
- Vocation Alignment
- Focus- Concentration
- Memory Enhance
- Clear Creative Block
- Creative Flow
- Creative Juices

- Healing General
- Healing Intense 
- Build Immune System
- Suffering Support
- Trauma Support
- Release Female Trauma
- Release Male Trauma
- Grief Support
- Shock Support
- Depression Support
- Clearing Illusion
- Clear your Mind
- Confusion to Clarity
- Gossip Stop
- Wholistic Living
- Eco Warrior Alignment
- Eco Living Alignment
- Vegan Support

- Personal Clearing
- Space Clearing
- Personal Protection
- Space Protection
- Against Psychic Attack
- Leave Density 
- Energy Burnout
- Frazzled Nerves
- Nothing left to give
- 3D to 5D Help
- Negativity Defense
- Self Loathing
- EMF Defense
- Virus Defense
- Jet Lag
- Burden release
- Stop Rescuing

Energetic & Spiritual Packages

- Free Spirit Connection
- Heaven Earth Inner Merge
- Cosmic Mind Merge
- Infinite Light
- Transcendence
- Intuition
- Chakra Health
- Chakra Synthesis
- Energy Assimilation
- Travel Assimilation
- Energy Assimilation
- Light Integration
- Light Influx
- Cosmic Light into Cells
- Align with Yeshua

- OM


- Wisdom Connection
- Power Connection
- Love Connection
- Heart Connection
- Soul Connection
- Entire Being Connection
- Cosmic Harmony
- Light Synthesis
- Divine Reverence
- Absolute Stillness
- Trust in the Great Mystery
- Divine Love Connection
- Holy Spirit Connection

- GOD Connection

- GOD Dilution

- Deep Yin
- Dynamic Yang
- Sublime Yin Yang Balance

- Open to Cosmic

- Bow down before the

- Peace which passes all 

- Trust in the Divine Plan

- Masculine Healing
- Feminine Healing

- DivineWomanAlignment

- Divine Man Alignment

- DivineWomanActivation
  (prerequisite Divine Woman Alignment)

- DivineManActivation    (prerequisite Divine Man Alignment)

- Divine Feminine
 (for both sexes)

- Divine Masculine

  (for both sexes)

- Divine Wholeness
  Feminine - Masculine

 (for both sexes, prerequisite the 2 above)

- Divine Cosmic Being
 (for both sexes, prerequisite Divine Feminine/Masculine Wholeness)

Energetic overload, burnout support and more

- Unbalanced
- Can't ground
- Overly Vibrating

- Energetically over

- Burnout from energy

- Ascension Symptoms
- Energy overwhelm
- Energy Exhaustion
- Healer's Fatigue

- Spinning out in
   the Cosmos

- Ascension Burnout
- Energy Fried
- Too Expanded

- Too much incoming

- Deep Yin

- Planetary Grief
- Loss of Faith
- Pain of the World

- Suffering the World
  too much

- Carrying the weight of the

Feel free to suggest a package which you would like to see added to the Menus above

Sometimes the Rays in your package are described in other forms e.g. Waves, Rods or Codes


The Packages are capsules of energetic harmony & synthesis. They are created in a unique combination of vibration and Light to assist, support and enhance your needs and desires. 

They contain a combo of some or all of the following: Energy tools, Alchemy Rays, Divine Insight, Guidance, Visualisations, Alignments & more

Each Package comes in the form of a recording by Anna along with notes if required. When listening to your Recorded Package, you will experience an alignment, attunement & activation to its support frequency. You can listen to your recording or call upon its content yourself, as often as you like.  

How do I order?

Select which package/s you want to order from the menu. Next make payment and then email Anna with your Package selection/s order.  Anna recommends simply choosing intuitively which package you want. Once payment is received Anna will send your order via email. You can order as many packages as you like.

Re delivery times: because this is a new service, Anna is creating the packages as the orders come in, so initially, as she is building all the new the packages, for General Use Packages it may take 1 -  4 weeks to receive your order. For Tailor Made Packages it will take 2 - 6 weeks. 

You can order as many packages as you like. 


There are two styles of Alchemy Energy Packages: 
$150 per package for General use

$333 per package for Tailor Made use
           i.e. specifically designed/honed for you


Each package contains:

General Use recording is approx 10 - 15 mins long
Tailor Made recording is approx   20 - 30 mins long
Pdf notes on the Alchemy Rays/general info if required