Are you tired of "doing it all on your own?"

Would you like some support? A boost?

Are you seeking powerful alignment with something?

Do you need specific energy assistance?

Alchemy Energy Packages can help you to feel stronger and happier


Alchemy Energy Packages are energy tools which you can use to support your daily wellbeing, peace, harmony, health, inner balance etc. 

Alchemy Energy Packages combine many frequencies and Light to assist/support your needs with enjoyable and easy to use vibrations curated by Anna.

They contain a combo of some or all of the following: Energy tools, Alchemy Rays, Divine Insight, Guidance, Visualisations, Alignments & more. Read more about Alchemy Rays in the right hand column.

Each Alchemy Energy Package arrives to you in the form of a Recording by Anna sent via email along with accompanying notes about the Rays used in the package. 

When listening to your Recorded Package, you will experience an alignment, attunement & activation to its support frequency. You can listen to your recording or call upon its content yourself, as often as you like. 

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Where do Alchemy Rays come from?

They are part of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System and have been co-created between Anna and the Divine Frequencies of this system. Once you experience them, you are likely to feel their potency quite keenly. Many people do.

What people say about the Rays

People who use CLFE Alchemy Rays report them to be significantly helpful and truly supportive. They also find them very easy to use and readily accessible.

They love that the  CLFE Alchemy Rays offer unlimited applications depending on how you blend them. This blending is part of Cosmic Life Force Energy System "Alchemy."

CLFE Alchemy Rays can offer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual assistance in a form that people resonate with.

They are relaxing and can be used to enhance meditation