Private Session with Anna

Many people find CLFE Alchemy Rays indispensable. 

Because of the Ray's energetic nature, their scope is vast. Everyone who uses them, reports that they find them incredibly useful and most enjoyable. 

Now you can have a 1:1 session with Anna by phone or zoom and receive a  Personal Ray Prescription tailored to support your needs and desires. 

How does the session work?

During your private session with Anna you will:

Discuss and clarify your needs. 

Anna will assess your needs intuitively and practically and prescribe you specific CLFE Alchemy Rays which you can use to enhance all aspects of your life.

Next you will experience an alignment, activation and attunement to the Rays Anna has selected for you.

After your session you will receive a recorded message of your Prescribed Rays and a pdf about these Rays and how to use them.

Cost & Format

45 minute session with  Anna: $180
Includes 5 CLFE Alchemy Rays

How do I order?

Simply pay now and then email Anna to book your session.