Ray Support Packages



Ray Support Packages:

are perfect capsules of energetic support. They are created in a unique combination of vibration and Light to assist, support and enhance your needs and desires. 

Each Ray Support Package comes in the form of a recording by Anna. As you listen to her calling in the Rays, you will experience an alignment, activation and attunement to their frequency. You can then either listen to your recording or call upon the Rays yourself, as often as you like. They can also be used as a meditation. 

Along with your recording, you will receive pdf notes about the Rays and how to use them. 

You can order as many packages as you like. 

Select your Alchemy Ray Package from below:

- Abundance
- Empowerment
- Comfort
- Peace
- Relaxation
- Love
- Compassion
- Upliftment
- Creativity
- Forgiveness
- Grounding
- Conception

- Release
- Freedom
- Trust
- Ignite Joy
- Juicy Living
- Confidence
- Completion
- Project Completion
- Vocation Alignment
- Focus
- Concentration
- Memory Enhance

- Healing - General
- Healing - Intense focus
- Immune System
- Release 
- Conscious Surrender
- Suffering Support
- Trauma Support
- Grief Support
- Shock Support
- Depression Support
- Clearing Illusion
- Clear your Mind
- Confusion to Clarity

- Personal Clearing
- Space Clearing
- Personal Protection
- Space Protection
- Transcendence
- Intuition
- Chakra Health
- Energy Assimilation
- Light Integration
- Wise Being Activation
- Cosmic Consciousness
- Divine Woman Alignment
- Divine Man Alignment

Please feel free to suggest a package which you would like to see added to the list above

How do I order?

Simply make payment and then email Anna with your Package selection/s order. Once payment is received Anna will send your order via email.

Please note that Anna is creating these packages as the orders come in so it may take up to a week to receive your package. Please let her know if it's urgent and she will endeavor to get it to you asap.


$33 per package
Each Recorded Package contains:
* 5 - 7 CLFE Alchemy Rays 
* pdf notes