CLFE Alchemy Ray
Tailor-made Recorded Packages

Tailor-made Recorded Packages

Is there something particular you want support with? 
CLFE Alchemy Ray Tailor-made Packages are perfect capsules of energetic support created especially for you by Anna. They are created in a unique combination of vibration and Light to assist, support and enhance your specific needs and desires. In light of this, when ordering a Tailor Made Package, you need to contemplate and get clear exactly what you want to your Package to support/enhance, and make sure to write this in your order request email to Anna.

The packages come in the form of a recording by Anna. Having read your email and tuned into your requirements, Anna will make a recording of herself calling in CLFE Alchemy Rays as an energy prescription for you. As you listen to her calling in the Rays, you will experience an alignment, activation and attunement to their frequency. You can then either listen to your recording or call upon the Rays yourself, as often as you like. They can also be used as a meditation. 

Tailor Made request ideas

Enhancement, Alignment or Support with:
your work, a business idea, creative expressions, your unborn child, a pregnancy, a new home, your current dwelling space or land,  a healthy emotion, a particular state of consciousness, a dream you hold, a particular passion or hobby, some particular support you feel you need, something you want to enhance, something you want to focus on intensely to enhance or bring into fruition etc etc

How do I order?

First email Anna with your Package selection/s order. Please be very concise re what kind of Tailor Made Ray Package you are seeking to align with to support/enhance you. Your contemplation and ensuing clarity is an important part of the process so that what you request is as specific as possible to your needs. 

Next make payment and once payment is received Anna will send your order via email.

Your order will take 1 - 3 weeks to arrive. If it is urgent please let Anna know and she will endeavor to get it to you as soon as possible.

Cost for Pure Alchemy Rays Tailor Made Package

$99 per Package 

Each package contains 5 - 7  CLFE Alchemy Rays

Along with your recording, you will receive pdf notes about the Rays and how to use them. 

Cost for Alchemy Ray Combo Tailor Made Package

Includes Alchemy Rays plus a combination of some or all of the following:
Divine Insight/Guidance/Visualisations, tips & tools 

$150 per package 

Each Package contains: 5 CLFE Alchemy Rays plus extras as described above

Along with your recording, you will receive pdf notes about the Rays and how to use them.