The Cosmic Life Force Energy was gifted to Anna Filliol, after years of dedicated spiritual work, in answer to a heartfelt prayer.

Anna says

The Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) has led me and now others on a path of Divine transformation. This is a comprehensive energy system for all levels of Being, delivered to you step by step. 

Although the system is Cosmic it's also practical. It encompasses great power & beauty and offers a true pathway of Light for those who seriously want to learn how to master their own energy and co create with the Cosmos.

For those who simply wish to receive healing or learn well being techniques without doing the full Cosmic Life Force Energy System Training, there are many beneficial options. Find them at Services & Products, Your Blueprint or Cosmic Tools

Thankfully and humbly, I am now at the point where I am able to share this opportunity for transformation and harmonious living with you. If you decide to join me, you will become part of a pure Cosmic Light wave, bathing you, bathing the spheres, bathing the world and elevating all in its path. Come!

Anna Filliol
Cosmic Life Force Energy System
Founder & Principal