CLFE Alchemy
Rays & Commands
Level 1

Cosmic Life Force Energy Alchemy Rays & Commands

teaches us how to creatively take charge of how we experience our Universe.

 It's super empowering and is an excellent teacher for those seeking energy mastery and to shift gears in the world of manifestation and creating your reality. 

There are many depths to explore within this limitless zone.


CLFE Alchemy is a hugely useful and very potent expression in the overall CLFE System.

We learn how to employ the Cosmic Life Force Energy  System to produce limitless effects and affects, in life. It also teaches how to use Cosmic Energy to transform both our inner and outer experiences as we discover how to actively start shaping our "reality."

In CLFE Alchemy you will learn how to:

- Use CLFE Rays to create Cosmic Alchemy for your wellbeing on many levels

- Interact and co create with the Cosmos in new and creative ways

- Transform your own energy and the energy around you

- Start taking charge of energy using Cosmic Commands

- Align more fully with the Power of the Cosmos

What will it do for you?

Cosmic Alchemy, Rays & Commands is simultaneously supremely simple and supremely complex. The Rays, along with being very creative, offer fun and playful aspects. At their foundation however, are powerhouses of vast Cosmic energy offering tangible vehicles for Divine Alchemy. When used correctly, this translates into unsurpassed energy tools at your disposal for daily wellbeing, peace, harmony and balance etc.

​People who use CLFE Cosmic Alchemy Rays

report them to be significantly helpful. They also find them very easy to use and readily accessible.

They love that the  CLFE Alchemy Rays offer unlimited applications depending on how you blend them. This blending is part of Cosmic Life Force Energy System "Alchemy."

Learn. Experience. Receive

Module 1

Discover & Learn about CLFE Rays

alignments & attunement to the main CLFE Rays
(e.g. wellbeing, abundance, peace, transcendence, love etc)

each alignment & attunement as a profound meditative experience

Learn your first CLFE Command attunement (safety & protection)

Receive a pdf and recording of all the Rays from this session

Prerequisite: CLFE Foundation Flow, Balance & Consolidation Level 1

Module 2

Q & As 

Receive alignments & attunement to the main CLFE Health Rays 
(e.g. body function, mental & emotional states, sleep etc)

Experience each alignment & attunement as a profound meditative experience

Learn 2 more CLFE Command attunements(bigger picture safety & protection, shielding)

Receive a pdf and recording of all the Rays & Commands from this session

Prerequisite: CLFE Foundation Flow, Balance & Consolidation Level 1, CLFE Alchemy - Module 1

Format & Cost

Taught as a course of 2 x 1.5hr sessions 
PRIVATE 1:1 course training price:

Pay as you go: 
$555 per session
Pay in full: $950 (save $160)


GROUP Course training price: $333 per person
Minimum 4 participants. 

About Cosmic Rays & Commands

Finally but very importantly:

Cosmic Rays & Commands are created from CLFE Alchemy and are part of the greater Cosmic Life Force Energy System. They are extremely potent and are to be respected at all times.

Used impeccably, Cosmic Rays and Commands make great allies. These allies bring enormous power and must be used ONLY as taught because they carry specific frequencies and purposes. 

Adapting the teaching of the CLFE Rays & Commands is considered as tampering and in this case, the energies will not co-operate. 

Simply put, align with the Light and the Light will align with you. 

Aspire only to use Cosmic Rays & Commands with this in mind.