CLFE Foundation Flow is the most powerful wellbeing tool you may ever receive. Once you learn and practice the Flow technique you will understand why.

Descriptive words can’t really do it justice but here are a few:
The Cosmic Life Force Energy is profoundly life giving and life affirming.
It is liberating and empowering.
It is enlightening and brings good things.
It has the potential to support everything you are and want to be in your life.
It is your birth right.

What will it do for you?

-Some of the immediate benefits you may experience are renewed energy, a greater sense of well-being and a feeling of growing mastery and positive vibes.

-For many it is a sense of finally having a tool by which they see and clear their density and enhance their life for the better, on all levels.

-The Cosmic Life Force Energy can help you to transcend the densities of daily life.

- It offers Empowerment, Love and Divine Connection

Please read Anna’s Story and Q & A to find out more regarding the Cosmic Life Force Energy System.

Training includes:

Introduction to the Cosmic Life Force Energy System

Discovery & Preparation discussions including Q & As


- The difference between Tribal & Cosmic Consciousness
- How to connect with your True Divine Essence
- How to start mastering your energy and especially energy leakage
- The life changing CLFE FOUNDATION FLOW technique

- A Cosmic Life Force Energy frequency transference from Anna
- Notes on the CLFE FOUNDATION FLOW notes emailed to you

Format & Cost

CLFE Foundation Flow is  taught as a Course made up of  5 x 1 hour sessions 


PRIVATE 1:1 Course with Anna: 

$555 per person - based on minimum 4 participants

The Cosmic Life Force Energy FOUNDATION FLOW technique is life changing and you can benefit enormously from it if you follow specifically, the pathway taught by Anna.

Please note that FOUNDATION and all levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion