What are CLFE Healing Waves?

This is a beautiful Healing option for your self and gift for others. You will receive 3 Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing Waves spread out over 3 days (or over a week depending on the need)

Each of the 3 CLFE Healing Waves brings the following CLFE energies through the recipient:
- Gentle Energy Cleansing
- Healing Rays
- Wellbeing flows
- Emotional support & upliftment
- Vibrations of Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy
(healer will intuitively select one per wave)
- Protection post Healing for 24 hrs

It is a gentle yet powerful healing option. Wonderful for everyone and especially for children, those in hospital, those who need a boost and for anyone who would benefit from feeling uplifted.

How do I receive them?

The CLFE Healing Waves are sent either at an agreed time or when the CLFE Healing Wave Facilitaor feels intuitively to do it. This will be decided between you when you book. You can opt to sit or lie quietly for 20 minutes during the agreed time or simply go about your day as normal.


First contact Anna to book CLFE Healing Waves (for you or someone else). At the time of booking you can decide together how the 3 CLFE Healing Waves will be delivered. Please note that this is always a distant healing service. 

Next make payment.

Enjoy receiving 3 CLFE Healing Waves! If organising this for another, enjoy the beauty of giving a truly meaningful gift!

You will receive a message (email, text or messenger) once the 3 CLFE Healing Waves are completed.


1 x 3 CLFE Healing Wave package: $99