About Cosmic Life Force Energy Healings

Cosmic Life Force Energy System HEALINGS are super charged and super potent

How do they work?

Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) Healings work by increasing the flow of CLFE within you. When this happens, blocked energies start to move and disperse as the CLFE flows through you. Once the energy is flowing then the Healing can go deeper into other areas.

The aim of a CLFE Healing is to activate and boost the Cosmic Life Force Energy throughout all your systems but especially initially in your energetic and physical systems. Once this activation gathers momentum, your Being is offered spaces to create change, balance and wellbeing and to receive nourishment. A CLFE  Healing works to bring balance and harmony on all levels of your Being including: your body, mind, emotions, soul & spirit. 

What do they involve?

CLFE Healing, involves limited "interference" from the  person facilitating your healing. We say limited rather than no interference because there are CLFE clearing, igniting, activating and flow enhancing components in a CLFE Healing which must be instigated by the CLFE Healing Facilitator. These are an integral part of the Healing, however any of these components can only occur to the extent to which your Being says "yes." 

In simple words, a CLFE  Healing  will enter, kick start, boost  and direct a CLFE flow within you, plus clear you. Now it is up to your conscious and subconscious to say "yes" to this opening and flow. 

Do you need a CLFE Healing?

Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing always seeks to create a health giving river of energy within you. Please take a moment to tune into yourself and imagine yourself as a river as you read the following questions:

Take a moment to sense what kind of river you are right now?
Are you flowing clear and free?
Too hot? Too cold? 

Maybe you have a few snags? Some Rapids?
Waterfalls & Whirlpools? Eddies?
Or even some stagnant areas or swamps?
How is your inner river flowing?
Is it balanced?  Is it too swift?
Is it a trickle? Sporadic?

Maybe you have bits of all of the above?

A CLFE Healing is designed to help to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate your "inner river"

How will my CLFE Healing take place?

Healings mostly take place via long distance.  

First you will have a brief phone discussion with Anna. You will then hang up, go relax (sitting or lying down) and receive a CLFE influx of Light and Grace which flows into all levels of your being. Please ensure you will not be disturbed during this time.

When the session has finished, Anna will let you know by e.g. email, text or FB messenger. You will also receive a recorded message about your Healing by email.

Please do not have any other plans for the day as you will need to rest. 

Post CLFE Healing aftercare

Your CLFE Healing will continue working within your system for up to 2 - 6 weeks, sometimes much longer.  During this time you may experience different energies and varied responses on any of these levels: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

Generally post healing or a few days after their healing, people feel really good, peaceful with  a renewed sense of confidence and positive vibes. Some people may feel tired and needing rest. All responses are unique and very much dependent on where you are in your own evolution.  If a lot of density was cleared during your Healing you may feel very tired, strange or experience other "toxic release" symptoms until you have readjusted to being clearer. Please be gentle with yourself, drink good levels of fresh water and take adequate rest.

How much you actually integrate the Healing you received is entirely up to you. 

The Recorded Message your receive after your Healing will give you a clearer picture re some of the key things which took place during your Healing. It is usually not needed but if you feel you would like a further debrief then feel free to book a session with Anna. Start price is 20 mins @ $80.

It is recommended that at some point, if appropriate, you do Cosmic Life Force Energy training with Anna to support your own well being and also to learn how to transform and clear old stuck energies or challenging reactions as they arise. Alternatively if CLFE Training is not appropriate or  not what you want to do, Anna can put together a Personal Pathway Programme for you to follow and work with to support yourself. Contact her to learn more.

Important note on Healing and Life, Death & the Great Mystery

CLFE Healing is about creating balance. During a CLFE Healing, Light flows through you causing many beneficial effects including shadow & density being cleared. Healing balance assists people to live more harmoniously. 

Thus far I have witnessed several miraculous results after CLFE Healings.  What's important to understand is that an energetic shift always takes place during and after receiving a CLFE Healing. This may be quite noticeable or so subtle that it may be weeks before you sense the changes.

All energy Healing is for both Living & Dying
It is sometimes uncertain whether a person is "staying or going." For those whose destiny it is to live, CLFE Healings will help boost them on many levels. For those who are e.g. terminally ill or whose life is leaning towards ebbing away, whether they are conscious of this or not, CLFE Healing can assist them in their dying process. It can help them to be at peace or more relaxed in themselves or for things to be easier all round. Whatever the outcome, it is between the CLFE Healing recipient and the Cosmic Life Force Energy, not between the CLFE Healing recipient and the CLFE Healing facilitator. 

Within the "Great Mystery of the Cosmos" there are many variables, let us trust that there is a Divine Plan for every Soul and that ultimately all is in God's hands. 

Your agreement

By booking, paying for and receiving a Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) Healing, you understand that as a result of receiving a CLFE Healing, you might experience physical, emotional, mental, energetic and/or spiritual responses or reactions. You understand that you could possibly experience a healing crisis (this would be more rare). You take full responsibility for any of your reactions and responses to receiving a Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing.

You understand and agree that a Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) Healing is of an energetic nature and is NOT a replacement for professional medical advice and care. You agree that you are responsible to always seek proper medical attention and visit professional health providers for your health and wellbeing.