Opening upgrade session

Check in and Q & As on your overall practice plus upgrades for CLFE Foundation Flow, Balance & Consolidation Levels 1 & 2
2 hr session
Cost: $333

Organ Rejuve

Dynamic energy upgrades within your existing practice plus add 2 more key Organ areas 
1.5 hr session
Cost: $200

Elements & Elementals

A leap forward in your connection with the Elements & Elementals. Prepping & laying down new potential for working more consciously and potently with these energies.
1 hr session


Energy upgrades within your existing practice. Laying down the initial energetics for a unified Chakra field and ultimately your Rainbow Body.
1 hr session
Cost: $150

Upgrade Complete

Overall check in on all your upgrades plus Q & As, discussion re your personal CLFE Pathway plus go through entire CLFE Flow to date
1.5 hr session
Cost: $200


Cosmic Upgrades - Level 1 adds new dimensions and "freshness" to your practice making it an exciting level in the CLFE System.

During your Cosmic Life Force Energy training to date, you may have naturally experienced various upgrades, some in the form of "tweaks" and others seemingly more significant, all are integral. What makes Cosmic Upgrades different is that some of the upgrades are vast and require a dedicated CLFE level. These upgrades will increase the Light within your Being on all levels, start prepping you for new CLFE training levels and increase your capacity to co-create with the Cosmos.

Please note that Cosmic Upgrades - Level 1 can be done before, after or in tandem with Glandular Rejuvenation. Follow your intuition here or discuss with Anna which is the best sequence for you.

Format & Cost

CLFE Cosmic Upgrades - Level 1 is five sessions 


PRIVATE 1:1 Pay as you go see prices on the session descriptions above
PRIVATE 1:1 Pay in full: $950
BOOK A PRIVATE 1:1 RETREAT and do 2 - 5 upgrades depending on length of your Retreat. View CLFE Retreats here

GROUP Course training price: $333 per person
Minimum 6 participants. 

Prerequisites: Path of POWER,  Path of LOVE to date

Optional Upgrade

Advanced Free Flow Recapitulation and quick track technique


Check in with Anna re all your Recap techniques

Learn Advanced Free Flow Recapitulation & Scan Track

Discover Soul Recapitulation and how to do it

Discuss with Anna to learn more and see if or when this may be appropriate for you to learn.

After your session you will receive pdf notes.

When should I do this?

Advanced Free Flow Recapitulation can be done at any stage of your CLFE training as long as you are adept in all 3 levels of Recap and have the completed the prerequisites below:

Path of Power, CLFE TOOLS Recap & Blueprintology Modules 1 & 2, Path of LOVE to date.

Cost & Format

COST: $333
Please note, for some people an optional second session may be required. Cost for this is as per Training Support