In the beginning there was only DIVINE LOVE, Self Love came later...


The Self Love and Compassion Module appears simple and it is, however this simplicity arises from deeply complex processes, distilled by Anna within the CLFE System to present you with an achievable path to finally understanding what Self Love  really means. 

Prerequisite: fully at Anna's discretion but is also the starting point on The Path of LOVE

When to do Self Love & Compassion

Self Love & Compassion is a bit of a "floating" level in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System as it is shared at Anna's discretion, when she feels you are ready to absorb the insights offered. It can be slotted into your CLFE training at any time. Please let her know if you are interested in being considered for this. Please note that as the first level in the Path of LOVE, Self Love & Compassion is the natural prerequisite for all Path of LOVE levels which flow on from this.

In Self Love & Compassion

Discover what Self Love actually is:

Find out about some energetic origins of Self Love and lack of it

Finally understand why Self Love is so hard to experience

Unearth the role of Compassion within Self Love

Come to know how Love & Compassion for others fits
in the mix

Clear blocks relating to Self Love as a by product of the teachings in this module

Receive a Divine Self Love Blessing

Learn a beautiful yet simple daily practice to rapidly build love and compassion within you. This is a gamechanger

How it works

Self Love & Compassion is taught in a session with Anna

During your session Anna will go through what's described in the left column (and more) and there will be conversation and Q & As. This Module is a wonderful revelation and very freeing in the long run.

After your session: you will be emailed in depth notes to contemplate and go through in in your own time.

Session length 2 hrs
Cost: $600