Cosmic Tools - CLEAR
Recapitulation & Blueprintology

Welcome to your  "Cosmic Life Force Energy Toolbox"


Cosmic Tools - CLEAR introduces CLFE Recapitulation which is a super freeing and empowering level in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System.  It teaches practical application of the CLFE System to help you create deep awareness, insight and profound inner clearing. This results in more balance and wellbeing within your self, as you move through your daily and Cosmic life.  Blueprintology continues on from where you left off in  Your Blueprint Sessions 1 & 2.

This incredibly beneficial training, provides you with the ability to support your ever expanding CLFE Flow. 

Your part

The intense Clearing and release from density achieved by the application of Recapitulation is something which must be undertaken by all Souls at some point in their evolution, albeit by different methods. Recapitulation is truly a master tool in this area and has been successfully used by many CLFE students.

To achieve the life changing results you desire will require dedication and persistence via the Recapitulation work. Only you can do it for yourself and it is mostly not a quick fix. It is a steady and sometimes very dynamic process. Put the effort in and over time you will progressively earn your mental, emotional and even physical freedom! This is truly a "Jewel in the Crown".

What will it do for you?

This training gives you a "go to toolbox" to deal with the curve balls and wild cards life throws at you AKA your negative reactions, angst and lack of forgiveness. It really does serve your Body, Mind, Emotions, Soul & Spirit in both practical and cosmic ways. 

Recapitulation, CLFE Alchemy Rays, Clearings and Blueprintology are all invaluable Personal & Cosmic Power Tools which support and serve your ability to create your own harmony, inner and outer.

By serving the wellbeing of your Body, Mind & Emotions, it leaves spaciousness for you to perceive the guidance of your Soul. The profound balance this creates, enables your Spirit to soar. Practicality and Spirituality must work together whilst we walk this Earth in a body!

Training note

Although each Module is optional it is highly recommended you do this life changing training. You can do the Modules at your own pace and alongside other appropriate CLFE Training levels.

Please note sometimes Anna may play with the training sequencing between MODULES 2 - 3. This is at Anna's discretion.

Cosmic Tools Training Modules:

CLEAR Module 1

Q & As from "Your BLUEPRINT" Sessions 1 & 2

Develop a deeper understanding of Your BLUEPRINT Portfolio

Learn the Art of CLFE Recapitulation - Level 1 to track down and release blocks, shadow, fear, resistance etc within you, especially what may be stopping you from living in alignment with your BLUEPRINT.

Discover  how CLFE Recapitulation empowers you to resolve the "hidden aspects" of your Being along with anything which is causing you stress, agitation, unhappiness etc so you can walk the path of true freedom. After learning how to track the cause of a distress (which can show up in body, emotions, mind & soul), you then learn how to clear it using various Recapitulation techniques taught by Anna.

Learn a CLFE Alchemy Cleansing technique for yourself and your surroundings
CLFE Recapitulation techniques give clear parameters but also  leave enormous scope for your own personal expression and creativity to blossom and flow. Please note that some things take several "track and clears" because they are multi faceted.

Please bring: your folder with all written pages from Your BLUEPRINT

After your session you will receive an in depth pdf on the CLFE Recapitulation techniques


Important info re Cosmic Rays

CLFE Rays are created from CLFE Alchemy and are part of the greater Cosmic Life Force Energy System. They are extremely potent and are to be respected at all times. 

Used impeccably, CLFE Rays make great allies. These allies bring enormous power and must be used ONLY as taught because they carry specific frequencies and purposes. 

Adapting the teaching of the CLFE Rays is considered as tampering and in this case, the energies will not co-operate. 

Simply put, align with the Light and the Light will align with you. 

Aspire only to use CLFE Rays with this in mind.

CLEAR Module 2

Q & As re your Recapitulation - Level 1 training from CLEAR Module 1

Learn Recapitulation Level 2

Learn the  super potent CLFE Deep Cleanse technique

Continue discovering more about your Soul's Original BLUEPRINT and, if necessary, what may still need Recap & clearing so you can fully align with it

Please bring: your folder with all written pages from Your BLUEPRINT

After your session you will receive a pdf with notes on this Module

PREREQUISITE Your BLUEPRINT, CLFE Foundation Flow, Cosmic Tools CLEAR Blueprint & Recap - Module 1

CLEAR Module 3

Q & As re CLEAR Modules 1 & 2

Learn Recapitulation - Level 3

Discuss where you are at in your Blueprintology process

Continue learning about Your BLUEPRINT and if applicable, what may still be blocking you from expressing Your BLUEPRINT fully, freely & joyfully

Receive an Attunement to a CLFE Ray Prescription. Anna will align and activate these Rays for you to use.

After your session you will receive 

- A pdf on the CLFE Recapitulation Level 3 techniques

- A "Naughty List" to use in your personal Recapitulation clearing work. This is deep nitty gritty work and super transformative

PREREQUISITE Your BLUEPRINT, CLFE Foundation Flow, Cosmic Tools CLEAR Blueprint & Recap - Modules 1 & 2 

Format & Cost - Modules 1, 2 & 3

Each module consists of a 2 hour SESSION 
Cost $600 per session

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All levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion