A miraculous testimonial, Nov 2019

We had a very special and unique experience with Anna. 

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years, with no luck due to an anomaly with my uterus (bicornate uterus with full septum) and history of endometriosis. Our fertility specialists advised that we had a very slim chance of conceiving naturally and should try IUI and IVF treatments. 

After the shock of our fertility chances and a stressful work year, we booked a break to rest and recover at Marahau Retreat.

Anna hosted us for a week in her magical lodging, where we took time to unwind, walk and swim. We were nurtured with wholesome meals made straight from Anna’s garden and had a guided fertility focused sound bath and Cosmic Life Force Energy meditation session.

I cannot put into exact words what happened but Anna took us into a transformative space. She lead us to focus on connecting our two energy frequencies and opening that up to the spirit we hoped we would one day conceive. 

I felt quite emotional during the session but then light and reassured. My partner had a similar experience, but also said he had had visions of family members who were deceased. The main thing we took from the session was that Anna had unblocked us and linked our energies together. Anna said that our energies were now open and that the spirit we were welcoming had “latched” into our combined life force energy. 

We left Marahau feeling very centred and restored and the following month we conceived. The compelling thing was that after numerous radiologist scans and meetings with our obstetrician, I was pregnant on the side of my uterus which was not physically connected to where we had conceived. So although we conceived naturally, there was no medical explanation for this and I was warned by my doctor that it was likely I would miscarry.

Due to this physical block (septum), I was not able to birth naturally. So I gave birth via C-section and we now have a healthy and serene little baby, who is doing so well.
We will forever be abundantly grateful for the part Anna played in our baby’s safe arrival earth side.

(Name withheld)
Wellington, New Zealand