Do you have something you want to conceive?

And want to focus intensely on getting it to occur?

CLFE Conception Assist is designed to help you get fully connected and fully aligned with what you are yearning to manifest.

Whether it's a baby, a business, creative expression, a vocation, a calling of a long held dream....CLFE Conception Assist is here to help you birth it into your life.

Please note that CLFE Conception Assist only works with what you clearly want to make manifest. It doesn't help you find ideas etc. And it is not for superficial purposes. 

Read an amazing testimonial here This client was my first CLFE Conception Assist. They didn't realise it at the time, nor did I, but the Cosmic Life Force Energy System technique of Conception Assist was born from this Cosmic experience.

What can you expect?

During your CLFE Conception Assist, Anna will give you and that which you seek to conceive, her full focus and commitment to the best of her energetic abilities. 

In your 2 CLFE Conception Assist sessions she will do everything in her energetic power to  create an optimum state of receptivity within you and, a potent connection, alignment and click between you and your "Jewel." This is her part in the mix. The desired outcome being that your "Jewel" will become tangible in your life. The rest is up to you, the Great Mystery and what, when all is said and done, is truly yours to experience.

In life there are many variables e.g. people, timing, place etc. In light of this Anna makes no promises of results or guarantees to anyone who uses the CLFE Conception Service nor will she refund your payment for any reason. 

How does it work?

- First send Anna an email re what you want to conceive aka your "Jewel" in the Crown

- If she feels it's a fit then she will organise 2 appointments with you. These appointments are booked one day apart e.g. a Monday and a Wednesday. It is vital you keep these 3 days as clear as possible and no social outings or alcohol etc for minimum a week. You will receive full instructions re this once your appointments are booked and paid for.

-  In the 1st appointment you will have a discussion with Anna by phone, zoom/skype or in person, then take your self off to rest somewhere undisturbed while Anna energetically preps your Cosmic Influx Channel and Connects you with your "Jewel." 

- Afterwards you will speak briefly with Anna again. She may also give you some simple post Conception Assist instructions to do until you meet again for your 2nd appointment

- Your 2nd appointment will follow the same lines except this time Anna will energetically align you intensely with your Cosmic Influx Channel and if possible, get you to Click with your "Jewel." 

- Afterwards Anna will send you a recorded message regarding any special post CLFE Conception Assist instructions for you to follow. These are mostly very simple and mind-body-spirit honouring. 

Please note that for a joint Conception Assist, both parties may need to be at one or both of the appointments. Anna will intuitively advise re this.

Format & Cost

Anna will read and contemplate your email request if she feels it is a potentially good fit then you will have 2 x 1 hr - 1.5 hr sessions as described above via phone/zoom etc

$800 payable before starting Conception Assist


Because people's yearnings for their "Jewel" are often highly emotional and sometimes vulnerable, I feel I must put this Disclaimer/Waiver/Agreement in the mix. 

Please read the following carefully:
By booking, paying for and receiving a CLFE Conception Assist Service from Anna, you understand, accept and agree with what is written on this website page and that you will not receive any refunds if you do not successfully materialise your "Jewel". Nor will there be any recourse. You also understand and agree that Anna's services are energy based and have no scientific or medical background, research or proof and that Anna makes no promises or guarantees to anyone who uses the CLFE Conception Service