Full Body Rejuvenation
and so much more!

Cosmic Life Force Energy System

Ancient Mystery knowledge in sacred modern form

Divine Rejuvenation distilled into simple to use, intensely potent Cosmic Life Force Energy System techniques


Full Body Rejuvenation is a 6 part programme where certain renewal secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools are made available to you in a simple to use form.  

As with all the CLFE Systems trainings, the techniques may appear simple, however this simplicity arises from deeply complex processes, distilled by Anna within the CLFE System to present you with an achievable pathway towards ongoing Body Rejuvenation (and so much more)  as a from of self care and Light embodiment.

Please note that Full Body Rejuvenation is an ongoing process and is not a quick fix. It takes regular application with adequate rest and integration time. This programme is for people who are dedicated and will put in the practice between programme sessions.

Contact Anna to see if this training is appropriate for you

Further info

Although Full Body Rejuvenation works profoundly into the physical aspect, it also ignites a Divine Awakening and expansion within many levels of your Consciousness and Being. It is an all encompassing journey in may ways and includes much more than the physical. There is no set play description here as the awakening is directly between you and the energies.

This programme also lays down foundations for future vast amounts of Body Rejuvenation/Light Activation & Integration which is taught on the Cosmic Life Force Energy System Path of LIGHT (and more advanced CLFE System programmes).


Full Body Rejuvenation is taught as a 6 session programme. Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours.

Sessions delivery times are decided as you go along. This is a process which cannot be rushed but generally a space of 3, 6 ,9 or 12 months between each session is the sequence.

During this programme you must allow for clear spaces in which to practice, rest and integrate. 

Your committment

This is a profoundly sacred process. It must be respected. You are required to be especially clean living and quiet for several days before and after you do each session with Anna. It must never be done in a rushed situation. Ideally you would take time off around each of the 6 sessions.

For your home practice there must be plenty of rest time (lying down) directly afterwards. 


PRIVATE 1:1 Programme of 6 x 1.5 - 2 hr sessions with Anna

COST: $1,998 (non refundable once you commence the programme)


-Pay as you go @ $450 per session

-Or pay in 2 instalments of $1,200 (non refundable once you have commenced the programme)
1st payment before programme commences
2nd payment before commencing the 3rd session


GROUP COURSE of 6 x 1.5 - 2 hr sessions with Anna 

Sessions are delivered once every 3 months

COST: $999 per person
- Minimum 4 participants
- Payment is non refundable once you
  have commenced the programme


Path of POWER, Path of LOVE: Self Love & Compassion 

Ideally you will have also done COSMIC TOOLS - CLEAR