Deep Energy Clearing offers:

Cleansing & Clearing dense energy is a natural part of life. Just as we need to maintain our physical hygiene, we also need to maintain our Energy hygiene. Many people need help with this which is why Anna offers Clearing Services.

Who would benefit from a Clearing?
Clearing & Cleansing is for anyone who knows they need it or if they have issues with negativity of any kind. It is also for those who want to maintain their overall well being. 
Clearing & Cleansing can be utilised as required or enjoyed on a regular basis to promote balance & vitality.
Clearing supports your ability to maintain LIGHT within and around you.

Most Clearings are done long distance. They start with a brief phone conversation, you then go and sit or lie somewhere quiet and undisturbed. 

When the Clearing is complete Anna will message you (by text or messenger) as well as emailing you a Recorded Message about your Clearing and a 10 minute Clearing Meditation recording 

COST: $225 to be paid before your session
INCLUDES: Clearing services plus emailed Recorded Message & Clearing Meditation Recording

Please note

Because there are many facets involved in why you need a clearing in the first place, sometimes you may require more than one clearing session. Anna will advise you after your session if she feels this is the case.