Cosmic Life Force Energy Gentle Healing Waves

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About the Waves

Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing Waves are graceful, fluid and smooth.

They bring subtle yet potent vibrations for clearing, healing and wellbeing harmony. 

Healing Waves support emotions beautifully and offer a gentle yet powerful healing option.

This gentle yet thorough healing option is very popular. It promotes balance, peace and wellbeing.

A Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing Wave is an expression of Divine healing grace and beauty, and as such, is well received by one and all.

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Who would benefit?

CLFE Healing waves are wonderful for everyone, for example:

Anyone who
Needs a boost
Would like to feel uplifted
Would like to receive a gentle surge of love, peace, joy
Has experienced a sudden shock or trauma

In grief
In emotionally upset states
Suffering on any level

Especially good for
Babies, children, the super sensitive (including spectrum), 

Especially supportive for
The elderly, those in hospital, those undergoing a long illness, those in the dying process.
And of course animals, plants etc.

Please note that CLFE Healing Waves are a distant healing service.

How can they help you?

CLFE Healing Waves work on all levels of  your Being, including body, mind and soul, however they do seem to particularly elicit emotional well-being. 

Everyone is unique, with different needs. Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing Waves seek to harmonise with a your needs. 

What's in every Gentle Healing Wave?

- Gentle Energy Cleansing
- Healing Rays
- Wellbeing flows for Body-Emotions-Mind-Soul
- Emotional support & upliftment
- Enhancement of the Water molecules within you
- Vibrations of e.g. Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy
(healer will intuitively select one per wave)
- Protection post Healing for up to 24 hrs

How will I receive my Waves?

Your CLFE Healing Wave selection is sent either at an agreed time or at the sender's discretion. The delivery format is by prior mutual agreement.  

You can choose to specifically sit or lie quietly and undisturbed for your chosen session length. Alternatively you can opt to have the Healing Wave sent as you go about your day. 

You will receive a text, FB messenger or email to confirm when your Healing Wave has been sent.

 Please note Healing Wave Packages are delivered differently. Read details here

How to book your Wave

Once you have chosen which Healing Wave service you want, please email Anna to book your Healing Wave selection. After confirmation by Anna, then make payment.

At the time of booking you will mutually decide what time you will receive your Healing Waves. 

Cosmic Life Force Energy Gentle Healing Waves are a gentle but potent form of SELF CARE

What's the difference between CLFE Gentle Healing Waves & CLFE Healing Flows?

The difference between CLFE Healing Waves and CLFE Dynamic Healing Flows is that Healing Waves do not specifically activate the Flow of the Cosmic Life Force Energy within you whereas CLFE Dynamic Healing Flows do. Overall they are a gentler healing. 

Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing Waves can be sent to others without requesting their permission because they are non intrusive and free will based. Their divine fluidity allows for choice whether to receive not to receive. Although they work on all levels of Being, they do seem to  particularly elicit emotional well-being. 

Alternatively,  CLFE Dynamic Healing Flows are fully permission based and cannot be sent to someone as a gift without their permission. They are super intensive and involve full on dynamism within the main Flow energy. They also have the capacity to profoundly nourish the energetic, physical and mind based systems.