Imagine a sense of experiencing God and the entire Cosmos at the centre of your Being, and you and the Cosmos are one in the same...and go from there

ACTIVATIONS can be done whenever you wish to connect more expansively with the limitlessness and Divinity Cosmic Life Force Energy

They are not taken on lightly as the experience can be vast

The above description is just one possibility you could experience in an ACTIVATION

Prerequisite: Path of POWER


ACTIVATION is vast and powerful and ignites experiences of Oneness. It carries and transmits enlightening qualities and as such is a doorway into the Greater Mysteries of the Cosmos within you. 

This can be deeply transformative, awakening and expansive.

Just as we are all unique so too will be what you experience in your person CLFE ACTIVATION 


ACTIVATION is taken when you feel ready to ignite further and accelerate more powerful CLFE expansion within you.

They are not taken on lightly as the experience can be vast

ACTIVATION like INITIATION can be taken more than once as each ACTIVATION acts exponentially with the CLFE.

ACTIVATION and all levels of training are at Anna's discretion

Group Activation with Anna

Session length: 2 hours
Cost: $120 per person

Individual Activation with Anna

Session length: 1.5 - 2 hours
Cost: $333 

Important preparation info

Please ensure that you prepare properly for this session. It is a deeply sacred and expansive experience, so you need to act accordingly both pre and post your ACTIVATION. 

Although the actual ACTIVATION session is for a relatively short space of time, you will need to dedicate at least 1-2 weeks before and after your ACTIVATION session. Dedication means preparation of mind, body and spirit so eat purely, spend time in nature if possible, exercise gently each day, stay off alcohol & stimulants, keep your life simple, allow plenty of space for quiet and contemplative time, minimise socialising to necessity only. 

Do not go round chatting about your ACTIVATION as it will dissipate the power of it. If you are not prepared to do these things then you are not ready to receive ACTIVATION. If you need to work during this time that is ok but not on the day before, during nor after your ACTIVATION.

Your approach to this incredible Cosmic Gift is paramount and will shape its long-term outcome.
Allow yourself to receive fully the joy of this COSMIC ACTIVATION by showing up fully, and the rewards will be great.


INITIATION and all levels of training are at Anna's discretion