BALANCE & CONSOLIDATION - Level 1 teaches us how to create and enjoy “moving stability.” There are some beautiful balance and healing elements within this level plus we learn our first CLFE Command. We start to discover just how powerful and Divine we truly are and how we can be of use to not just ourselves but to others.  All this expands significantly in BALANCE & CONSOLIDATION - Level 2 but for now we are laying down the energetics upon which we can safely build the Cosmic Life Force Energy within us and around us.

Format & Cost

CLFE Balance & Consolidation - Level 1 is taught as a Course of 2 x 1 hour sessions

Private 1:1 Course training with Anna: $600

Group Course training with Anna: $333 per person
Based on minimum 3 participants



All levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion


Learn how to use Cosmic Life Force Energy to create healing and balance for yourself on all levels plus do the same for Mother Earth but in a way which requires no old fashioned "draining" of your own energy.

Come to value a gift you can easily and naturally offer to this world as you learn the art of become a conduit for Divine Energy aka Heaven on Earth

During the training you will experience and grow confident in giving your first Cosmic Life Force Energy System “Command.” 

With Anna's guidance learn to consolidate your energy to build and sustain a natural force field rather than needing to generally use "protection.” This is truly the new way of being and the next step in evolution.

Begin to unlock the secrets of imbibing Cosmic Life Force Energy

Experience the fluidity of the energy