BALANCE & CONSOLIDATION - Level 2 is a wonderful and very enjoyable level to experience. Now we start to get into more Divine fluidity and expansion. The depth to which this expansion can take us is exponential but in a very doable way. You really have to live this daily to know it!

We discover an immensely important tool for creating massive stability within our Being on all levels. This enables us to trust that we can embody more Divine Energy than previously possible and then commence doing it. This is a gradual but truly enlightening process.
We also begin to offer ourselves and All Life, an opportunity to benefit from dynamic Cosmic Life Force Energy influx.

Overall, BALANCE & CONSOLIDATION - Level 2 is a noticeable opening into greater empowerment, awareness, caring and brilliance!


Recap Balance & Consolidation - Level 1 and upgrade aspects of this level

Learn Empowerment & Expansion techniques which standalone but also lay down the foundations for those continuing on to other CLFE levels

Discover a practically unknown key for truly living as a Divine Being grounded in your body

Deepen your Inner Cosmic Channel connection
You will also learn simple but incredibly powerful techniques to:
Clear and balance/heal different aspects of matter within you, your surroundings and Mother Earth.

Format & Cost

CLFE Balance & Consolidation - Level 2  is taught as a Course of 4 x 1.5 hour sessions 

Private 1:1 Course training with Anna: $1,600 (save $200)
Pay as you go option: $450 per session

Group Course training with Anna: $450 per person
Based on minimum 4 participants


CLFE Foundation Flow, Balance & Consolidation - Level 1

All levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion