COSMIC BALANCE is a Divine Expression of Colour and Light and a highly beneficial part of the CLFE System

It is truly a gift and cornerstone of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It is profoundly nourishing and a very enjoyable level.

You will learn how to create deeper levels of Balance, Nourishment and Rejuvenation within yourself via your Organs, the Elements and your Chakras. 

You will also learn a sacred and life enhancing Water Rejuvenation technique. 

COSMIC BALANCE is an absolutely gorgeous level to experience. Very peaceful as well.



MODULE 1 - recap of Balance & Consolidation - Level 2,  CLFE upgrades. Organ Rejuvenation.
Cost: $333 

MODULE 2 - recap of Cosmic Balance - Module 1,  learn CLFE Techniques to nourish and balance  2 key areas of your Being i.e. Elements and Chakras. Learn how to make "Golden Water."
Cost: $333

After completing Module 1 or 2 if you feel you need to book a  follow up session
Cost is at Anna's hourly rate of $150

All levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion

Cosmic Life Force Energy ongoing Training SUPPORT

Alternatively you can purchase a Recorded Message Package

All you need to do once you have purchased your package is email your question/s to Anna as they arise and she will reply as soon as possible (sometimes immediately, sometimes it can take up to 7 working days)

Recorded answers are usually between 3-10 mins. Please be very specific with your questions.

Please contact Anna to purchase your Package

CLFE Recorded Message Package options:

60 minutes of Recorded Messages in response to your CLFE Questions    Cost: $150

30 minutes of Recorded Messages in response to your CLFE Questions    Cost: $95

15 minutes
of Recorded Messages in response to your CLFE Questions    Cost: $55

Please note that in some cases, depending on your question, your minutes used  may need to include Anna's "tuning in" time as well, so for example, for a 10 minute message, you might receive 7 - 8 minutes of Anna speaking but behind that is 2-3 minutes of Anna's tune in time.

Because you will have many questions as you go through your Cosmic Life Force Energy training, Anna offers 2 training support options at a special rate:

Book a phone, Zoom or skype session with Anna

30 mins: $95
45 mins: $120
1 hr: $150
1hr 15 mins: $175
1hr 30 mins:  $200

Purchase 10 hrs of ongoing support at: $1,350 (so one hour free)