COSMIC BALANCE is a Divine Expression of Colour and Light and a highly beneficial part of the CLFE System

It is truly a gift and cornerstone of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It is profoundly nourishing and a very enjoyable level.

You will learn how to create deeper levels of Balance, Nourishment and Rejuvenation within yourself via your Organs, the Elements and your Chakras. 

You will also learn a sacred and life enhancing Water Rejuvenation technique. 

COSMIC BALANCE is an absolutely gorgeous level to experience. Very peaceful as well.


Training is taught as a course of 2 Modules


Prerequisites: Foundation Flow, Your Blueprint, Balance & Consolidation - Levels 1 & 2

All levels of CLFE Training are at Anna's discretion

Module 1

Recap of Balance & Consolidation - Level 2 
CLFE upgrades if applicable
Organ Rejuvenation

Format & Cost

Session length:  2hrs
Cost: $600

Module 2

Recap of Cosmic Balance - Module 1
Learn CLFE Techniques to nourish and balance  2 key areas of your Being i.e. Elements and Chakras
Discover how to make "Golden Water."

Format & Cost

Session length: 2 hrs
Cost: $600

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