This level in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System is Big and Bold and Beautiful and has been waiting for you to arrive. It is your time to shine!

Will you say yes?

MODULE 1- Preparing the ground for DIVINE LOVE:

Complete any Q & As and discussions from SELF LOVE

Use a timeline to consolidate the journey from DIVINE LOVE to Self Love and back to DIVINE LOVE

Discover where you are at re opening to DIVINE LOVE

Receive DIVINE LOVE energetic preparations in the form of:
CLFE Ray atunements

Experience DIVINE LOVE preparation transmissions
More info coming

Session length: 1.5 - 2hrs
Cost: $333

MODULE 2 - Invitation

More info coming soon

MODULE 3 - Opening the Gateways

More info coming soon

MODULE 4 - Influx

More info coming soon

Prerequisites: Path of POWER, Path of LOVE to date