Glandular Rejuvenation - Sacred Doorways

Glandular Rejuvenation works beautifully on the physical level. This is a given.Your whole body will benefit from these advanced but simple Rejuvenation techniques and your Glands will love being nurtured.

However there is a lot more to this level than the physical. Our Glands are deeply mystical and hold sacred energies withing them. As your Glands rejuvenate on a physical level, they can now begin to reveal their own Divine Secrets and Sacred Ambrosia (also known as Nectar of the Gods). 

This level of Cosmic Life Force Energy Glandular Rejuvenation is going to start to unlock sacred spiritual doorway and connections within your Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.  

Glandular Rejuvenation - Part 2

is experienced within Cosmic Upgrades - Level 1 and involves supporting and further enhancing your Glandular Rejuvenation processes.

Glandular Rejuvenation - Part 1

During and after Part One you will:

Experience an intense but enjoyable expression of Cosmic Life Force Energy within 7 main Glands

Initiate deep transformation within these Glands as they soak up Divine Rejuvenation energies

Slowly but surely undergo profound Activations within all your Glands but especially your Pituitary Gland and Pineal Glands. This process is activated in your session and builds over time as you do  the process.

Session length: 1.5 hr

Cost for Private 1:1 session is:

Cost for Group session is:
$111 per person
Based on minimum 3 participants

GLANDULAR REJUVENATION Prerequisites: Path of POWER, Path of LOVE to date