Radical Forgiveness is for you, Radical forgiveness is for all life

In this level on The Path of LOVE you benefit yourself and the Planet

Module 1 - Liberation

Radical Forgiveness is an incredibly freeing level in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It signifies the start of a new way of expressing the Cosmic Life Force Energy.

In this Module we will check in re your previous Module "Glandular Rejuvenation" and then go on to explore Radical Forgiveness at a profound level and also begin to learn the first part of your CLFE Radical Forgiveness Flow.

Session length: 1.5 - 2hrs
Cost is:  $333 

Module 2 - Flow

Continuing on from Module 1, Module 2 is a truly fluid experience. You will learn and experience a gorgeous energetic flow which has an extraordinary capacity to bypass the limitations of your mind. 

This level is all about energy and movement whilst seamlessly embedding the essence of Radical Forgiveness deep within your Being.

What is truly magnificent in Radical Forgiveness flow is that it significantly benefits the "bigger picture" 

Session length: 1.5 hrs
Cost is:  $200

Prerequisites: Path of POWER, Path of LOVE to date