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After three years of being guided and transformed by the Cosmic Life Force Energy, I am now teaching, initiating and activating this exciting energy system in the world. The Path of POWER Foundation level is the entry point, hub and touch stone of the entire Cosmic Life Force Energy System and I'm sharing it (along with other levels) with those who are called to switch consciously and fully, to our original Source frequency and re-ignite their being with this Divine Essence. 

You don't have to be perfect to receive the perfection of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System but you will, as with any energetic pathway, need to refine your personal energies as the Cosmic Life Force Energy sheds Light into all areas of your life. Light brings truth and a push for authentic living. Fortunately there are practical and empowering tools accompanying the CLFE training to help you achieve your goals.

Anna Filliol, Founder & Principal
Cosmic Life Force Energy System