I cannot emphasise strongly enough the benefits of learning how to access the Cosmic Life Force Energy System and the profound transformation it offers those who seriously use it.

COSMIC TOOLS Module 1 is incredibly insightful and useful. Discover your Soul's original BLUEPRINT and what your unique Vibrational Signature is in the Cosmos. Also find out what's stopping you from aligning with it and learn how to clear this.  COSMIC TOOLS  Module 1 is both a stand alone process plus the entry point for anyone wanting to do Cosmic Life Force Energy training.

CLFE FOUNDATION and BALANCE & CONSOLIDATION are Cosmic Life Force Energy System tools for life. They give anyone who practices this system exactly as taught by Founder & Principal, Anna Filliol, a groundbreaking and wondrous new way of experiencing renewed energy, transcendence and general well-being. For some this is all they need or wish to experience, for others who seek to learn more, please explore the levels below:

COSMIC BALANCE is truly a gift and cornerstone of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It is profoundly nourishing & balancing for your organs, elements and chakras. It is a very enjoyable level.

COSMIC TOOLS Modules 2 - 4 is an invaluable and super empowering level in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It teaches practical application of the CLFE to help you create deep awareness, insight, clearings, balance and wellbeing within your self as you move through your daily and cosmic life. This incredibly beneficial level provides you with the ability to support your ever expanding CLFE flow.

CLFE HEALING  is about creating a Light filled expression for all life and environments, starting with YOU. It  creates an opportunity for all recipients to select LIGHT for their well-being  whilst fully respecting free will. It is optional in the Path of POWER because not everyone wants to incorporate Healing into their expression however, it is highly recommended because  CLFE Healing offers great service to all life.

The INITIATIONS & ACTIVATIONS are so deeply powerful, so profound...words cannot express. They open and deepen awareness of your Cosmic Life Force Energy flow. Imagine a sense of experiencing God and the entire Cosmos at the centre of your Being, effortlessly, that the Cosmos and you are one in the same...and go from there. INITIATIONS & ACTIVATIONS can be done whenever you wish to connect more expansively with the limitless Cosmic Life Force Energy and are a prerequisite for The Path of LOVE.

The next stage of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System is called The Path of LOVE. Click on the image below to learn more.

Please note that because the Cosmic Life Force Energy System is so new and constantly evolving, sometimes the training formats need to change. Please bear with Anna on this aspect of the programme.