Do I have to be spiritual to learn the technique?

Everyone can benefit from the CLFE Foundation Flow technique. It doesn't matter what your background, spiritual practice, belief or religion etc is or is not, the Cosmic Life Force Energy is for everyone. It has very enlightening side effects and you will decide exactly how you want to utilise this amazing and transformative power in your life. It does however, start with the premise that there is a "source of Creation aka a Creator." The names God, Creator, Source, Great Spirit etc are all the same at the end of the day. Anna often refers to "God" or the "Creator."

Who would benefit from the CLFE Foundation Flow experience?

Anyone wanting a happier life! Anyone wanting to create a truly positive ripple effect in their life for themselves and others. Anyone wanting to learn how to start mastering their mind and their energy. Anyone wanting to experience true freedom. Anyone wanting to feel more peace. Anyone wanting find themselves getting on with creating the life they actually want to express. Anyone wanting to live an enlightened version of themselves. Anyone wanting to enhance or amplify their enlightenment journey. Anyone wanting to heal and create balance in themselves and their lives. Anyone who is finding that what they are already doing, just isn't working anymore. Anyone looking to deepen their experience of LOVE in all life. Anyone looking to empty negativity out of their mind. Basically ...anyone!

Is it safe to use every day?

Yes and this is recommended to use twice a day. It is the source of all life and nourishes your entire Being. You will never suffer from the Cosmic Life Force Energy. You may receive insights as to what needs to release and dissolve, then the Cosmic Energy will flow to dissolve it if that is your desire. You may have strange dreams as the Cosmic Life Force Energy clears your mind. You may awaken to the changes required in your life and the Cosmic Life Force Energy will support you to make them. The Cosmic Life Force Energy supports ALL levels of your Being.

Will my life change for the better with the Cosmic Life Force Energy?

I believe so. Everything is completely up to your heartfelt desire and deepest truth but with this energy working through you there is every chance of an amazing result. It may happen instantly or it may happen gradually over many months. My experience with this is that the Cosmic Life Force Energy Foundation Technique initially played a 80-90% role in my inner transformation and the rest was/is up to me and my vigilance towards mastering of my lower mind. As my thoughts transformed, the power of the Cosmic Life Force energy grew (and continues to grow) stronger within me. These days nearly all lower mind transformation I need to do is super swift. This is however just an indication as everyone is at different stages of development in their body, mind, emotions and spirit. A willing student of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System can achieve a great result over time with dedication to the technique. The Initiation & Activation levels increase everything significantly.

Will the Cosmic Life Force Energy create more energy in my body and my life? 

Yes but not always how and when you expect it to as the timing will vary depending on each unique Being. You will still need to rest your body with sleep while your physical body currently needs to function in this way however over time you will notice you are getting more done in your life. You will notice that overall, you are creating, achieving and experiencing more and more of your heart and Soul's desires and aspirations for your body, mind, practical and spiritual life. The timing of this is between you and the Cosmic Life Force Energy and of course you will need to co create with the energy by nourishing your body with healthy food and appropriate exercise. Subtle or profoundly obvious transformations may happen straightaway or over the weeks and months and continuing years.  The key is to connect with the Cosmic Life Force Energy every day, twice a day.

Does the Cosmic Life Force Energy affect everyone in the same way?

On one level, yes, as it is the most powerful, life giving and life affirming energy in the Cosmos however we are all different and our needs are different so the energy responds to this and interacts accordingly. It also depends on how regularly you engage with and maintain the flow once you have either learnt the Foundation Technique and other Cosmic Life Force Energy levels. 

What is the difference between the CLFE Foundation Flow Technique and the Initiation & Activation?

The CLFE Foundation Flow Technique is a superb starting point and gives you an opportunity to experience very positive and enlightening shifts and upgrades in your entire life. Then much later once you are ready, when you add the Initiation & Activation, you have the capacity to experience vast  leaps in consciousness, profound depths into the Cosmos and greater connection with all life creating exponential experiences of unlimited Light, Love, Freedom, Creativity, Abundance and Flow.

What is the difference between Cosmic Life Force Energy and Prana or Chi?

Prana and Chi are part of the Cosmic Life Force Energy but Cosmic Life Force Energy is, as far as I am aware, the Source of all life streaming out from CREATION.. When people draw or breathe in Prana and Chi from around them they are taking it from Source energy but not directly at the Source. It is a subtle thing. Imagine the Cosmic Life Force Energy as that which gives birth to Prana and Chi.

Aren't we already living on Cosmic Life Force Energy?

Yes we are but many are living on minimal amounts due to blockages, dense states of being and unhealthy external influences. CLFE Foundation Flow opens up the possibility and the understanding of how to increase the flow of this life giving energy within you and teaches you how to access it all the time and manage the flow of it yourself.


Can I mix the Cosmic Life Force Energy with other modalities?

Generally yes as this energy is the foundation of all life and therefore enhances all life however you may find that some practices do not want you to work with other energies and in such cases I recommend you stop them and focus purely on the Cosmic Life Force Energy for several months, after that you can decide for yourself. If you are working with very specific energy systems you are advised to keep them separate from the Cosmic Life Force Energy System so, e.g. practice them at different times. Often you will find that you don't need any other "energy" systems or healers once you are using the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. Anna can guide you with this process when you are training with her.

Is it ok to mix recreational drugs with the Cosmic Life Force Energy?

No. Anna does not knowingly share the Cosmic Life Force Energy System techniques with anyone using recreational drugs or abundant alcohol as they cloud not only the mind but the entire energy field and create density. You will need to have stopped all recreational drugs and minimise alcohol (preferably none) for a minimum of 6 months before Anna will work with you. The Cosmic Life Force Energy System is a Divine gift, it needs to be respected and honoured.

Who are the First and Second Wavers?

First and Second Wavers are the Souls who have been waiting to activate this Divine Power within themselves so they can then activate the planet, all life and all realms. It is either part or all of their vocation. The First Wavers are a very small group of Souls whose destiny was to come together with Anna to start learning and holding the Cosmic Life Force Energy System frequency as it took form via her onto the Earth Plane. Symbolically they are like the tip of an arrowhead piercing through the Cosmos or the peak of a vast Cosmic Wave! They are the forerunners of the energetic push and as such have assisted Anna and themselves to anchor the initial CLFE Flows more smoothly onto the Earth. 

Now the Second Wavers are joining to open out the full "arrow head" and start the energetic push forward into the world. They are the body of the Cosmic Wave which is starting to gather momentum. Big momentum! 

As and when the First Wavers and Second Wavers come together all over the planet they can create a mighty shift in planetary and eventually Cosmic Consciousness.

Do I have to be a First Waver to do the Cosmic Life Force Energy System training? 

No. If you want to access the Cosmic Life Force Energy, you can be certain it wants to access you. Anyone can benefit from accessing the Cosmic Life Force Energy System training but not everyone will choose to train to the higher levels.  Onward levels after CLFE Foundation Flow are for those wanting to evolve in body, mind, soul and spirit. 

However if you are not a First Waver, currently you are a Second Waver as the small First Wave is now complete. First Wavers know who they are as Anna has told them. Second Wavers are now in high demand!!

Who or what is IMANNA?

In June 2020 Anna found herself energetically departing the Golden Age 5D Grid. From this place of awareness she discovered a vast master aspect of her Being which she gradually merged with. She is now known as IMANNA which represents the merge of her current mastery level.

How did the Cosmic Life Force Energy System evolve once Anna perceived of it?

For 3.5 years Anna was downloading, embodying, integrating then teaching the CLFE information. It was coming at an extremely rapid rate yet she experienced it as a beautiful river flowing swiftly. She has also been discovering the best way to share the System with others.

When in June 2020 she departed the “Golden Age 5D Grid” she also discovered that it was from this mastery level that she perceived of, created and developed the entire Cosmic Life Force Energy System. This information gave her several “penny dropping aha" moments and explained many things about the System’s fluency! It also gave her a clear understanding of where the System is heading. Currently she is completing Path of LOVE and starting to lay out Path of LIGHT.

Watch this space!

If you are reading this far, you are most likely a Cosmic Life Force Energy First Waver or Second Waver. Hello and welcome!

If LOVE is the answer..."how do I access the Cosmic Life force Energy?"  is the question!