Experience a Cosmic Life Force Energy SYNERGY Session


 CLFE SYNERGY is a tool for:

Creating a stronger flow of the Cosmic Life Force Energy within you

Awakening you to a greater expansion of your Being

Transforming your Being and your life on many levels due to the CLFE conveyance from Anna, the shared SYNERGY &  shared CLFE Power Surge experience

Benefiting all life as the Cosmic Life Force Energy increases within you and your force field expands 

How does it work?

During a CLFE SYNERGY Session:

You will receive an intense conveyance of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. This will flow initially from Anna to you. 

Next it will flow between you both, creating SYNERGY and a CLFE Power Surge in your shared CLFE field. The power surge/boost occurs because "two or more are gathered."  The boost serves to increase the Cosmic Life Force Energy flow within and around you and thus benefit your life and all life.

Throughout your session you will experience several periods of both intensity and integration.

The Synergy effect

The CLFE SYNERGY created between Anna & yourself works on many levels, some of which are:

Purifying, healing, balancing, enlightening and empowering all life & spaces where the CLFE flows

Increasing your personal power and ability to convey CLFE to others (this builds over each CLFE SYNERGY Session in combination with where you are at in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System)

Magnetising Cosmic Life Force Energy to your field as well as building momentum within the CLFE collective Wave 

Cost & Format

Individual Session length: 1hr 30 mins
Cost: $333

Group Session length: approx 2 - 2.5 hrs
Cost: $111 per person
Min 3 participants


CLFE Foundation and at Anna's discretion

SYNERGY sessions are always done in person

See 7 FAQs below

What is the difference between a CLFE SYNERGY Session & a CLFE Healing?

A CLFE Healing is to literally activate the CLFE flow within you and to balance and heal yourself personally (of course you being in balance benefits others).

A CLFE SYNERGY Session is to receive the CLFE for the purposes of increasing the CLFE flow within you, and around you through a shared synergistic experience. Consequently you will experience more Cosmic Power which in turn is for the greater good as a whole.

Why is a CLFE SYNERGY Session not included in the CLFE Path of POWER general training modules?

Because it is optional and up to each person to decide when they want to experience the intensity of increasing the flow of CLFE within themselves and the Cosmos. However it is highly recommended to experience this synergistic aspect of the CLFE System. 

Please note that SYNERGY is highly recommended for those wanting to train in Path of LOVE's Divine Compassion, Divine Heart and Planetary Service Levels.

How many CLFE SYNERGY Sessions should I have?

This is up to you and also depends on how deeply you are ready to receive the Cosmic Life Force Energy. It also depends on how ready you are to energetically help the world.

It is highly recommended to do an initial session and then continue to have more sessions in accordance with your inner knowing. 


Is there a Healing aspect to the CLFE SYNERGY Sessions?

Within the CLFE SYNERGY Sessions there are profound aspects of learning how to receive before we give. We also learn and experience the power of two Souls coming together to bring CLFE Power and Love into the world we live in.

This is balance, this is light, this is healing and this is LOVE.

What's the difference between SYNERGY, Initiation or Activation?

Initiation is focused on the flow of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System within you and increasing it.

Activation opens Cosmic doorways within your flow of the Cosmic Life Force Energy.

SYNERGY is a full blown expression of when "two or more are gathered" and offers a vast and powerful experience of Power, Love, Cosmic Awakening and Light on a grand shared scale.

So you could say that in some ways, Initiation and Activation are more personal whereas SYNERGY is both personal and on behalf all life.

Can I do a SYNERGY Session via Zoom or skype?

Unfortunately no, it must be done in person

Can I go back to work or my "normal day" after a SYNERGY Session?

Definitely not. You will need quiet time to rest and integrate. Also before your session you must have been in preparation zone e.g. meditation, quiet time, a gentle walk in nature etc. Not rushing from work or an appointment. SYNERGY is a sacred sacred time.