What people are saying about their experiences with the Cosmic Life Force Energy System

CLFE Dynamic Group Retreat, Castle Hill, Nov 2020

Dear Anna,

I’m still in my retreat bubble - and I don’t feel like coming out of it any time soon.

I had such a wonderful time. I loved my room and my bed. I loved the company of my tribe, even though I felt so far out of my comfort Zone before arriving because I had to do ‘people’. I loved meeting up with S---- again and finding out that O---- just lives up the road from me! I loved the opportunity to practice CLFE and give the practice so much time. I loved that the synergy of the group made it easier for me to work with the CLFE. I loved having the Temple space, and the meditations. I loved having a chef there, and him doing food so we didn’t have to. I loved the music and dancing. Of course, I loved being back at Castle Hill - who wouldn’t!

A big thank you to you from my heart.

Kapiti, NZ

Marahau Retreat, June 2020

I want to say that with the CLFE work that I do, life is just so much more manageable and clear and simply quite stunning to be honest! 

I feel grounded, strong and connected and when I am not I can get back there very quickly. 

It's amazing and I love it and I am grateful to you for our last retreat as it has set me up so well for my life reset!

Jo Chetwynd
Marlborough, NZ

Transformation with the CLFE Foundation Flow, August 2020

I first started meditating with Anna twenty years ago. From that moment, my journey of discovery and learning has continued. 

I am now on the CLFE journey. My concentration, focus and creativity have increased dramatically. So much easier when you don’t lose energy in unnecessary directions. Very powerful. This has been transformational for me and I want to thank Anna for all the inspiration and support.

Anna intuitively knows what you need most and will support you all the way.
Melbourne, Australia

​Where does one begin to describe the Cosmic Life Force Energy System? April 2020

With the synchronicities, the subtle changes, the big changes, the healing, the connection, the release, the clarity, the empowerment? There is no limit to the experiences that can be yours with the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. It is entirely up to you. The gift is you are in control. You are empowered to weave this System into your life. One of the many things I love about the CLFES is the synchronicity I experience every day. To me these signs are feedback from the Cosmos. Most recently during my walk on Good Friday, I had just completed my CLFE flow sequence but I felt to sit back down by the sea as I have learnt to follow my instincts.  As I connected with the Element of Water (part of the CLFE System training) it became the Sea of Galilee with the colours of resplendent jewels. I was overcome with this Divine gift.

One Saturday morning I had decided to stay home instead of going to the gym. As I stood at my door a blue Kingfisher flew into the window and dropped to the ground with its wing askew. The kingfisher was my totem animal for a long time. Before CLFE I would have been hysterical and not handled this well. I rushed to get a tea towel scooped it up, held it close to my chest for warmth, became very still and brought CLFE into it and envisioned it flying free again if this was to be its destiny. After a few minutes I could feel its little heart began pulsing but I remained still and continued with CLFE healing. Soon it gave a little twitch and wriggled itself out of the cloth and perched on my finger. I remained deeply still. The kingfisher began to gag and he promptly bought up a munched up bug and spat it out. After a few minutes of watching it assess the surrounds I took a breath and it flew off in the exact direction I had envisioned. Thank you CLFE xx

In Italy, on an art retreat, I twisted my ankle. I had a lot more travelling and walking to do so it was very inconvenient, and painful! As soon as I did it I bought through the CLFE and also used specific CLFE healing techniques. I flooded my ankle with CLFE twice a day and I was walking normally within 3 days, pain free in 5. Such a gift, especially as it was about 1k to the food hall!

Lisa MacKenzie
Tasman, NZ

A miraculous testimonial, Nov 2019

We had a very special and unique experience with Anna. 

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years, with no luck due to an anomaly with my uterus (bicornate uterus with full septum) and history of endometriosis. Our fertility specialists advised that we had a very slim chance of conceiving naturally and should try IUI and IVF treatments. 

After the shock of our fertility chances and a stressful work year, we booked a break to rest and recover at Marahau Retreat.

Anna hosted us for a week in her magical lodging, where we took time to unwind, walk and swim. We were nurtured with wholesome meals made straight from Anna’s garden and had a guided fertility focused sound bath and Cosmic Life Force Energy meditation session.

I cannot put into exact words what happened but Anna took us into a transformative space. She lead us to focus on connecting our two energy frequencies and opening that up to the spirit we hoped we would one day conceive. 

I felt quite emotional during the session but then light and reassured. My partner had a similar experience, but also said he had had visions of family members who were deceased. The main thing we took from the session was that Anna had unblocked us and linked our energies together. Anna said that our energies were now open and that the spirit we were welcoming had “latched” into our combined life force energy. 

We left Marahau feeling very centred and restored and the following month we conceived. The compelling thing was that after numerous radiologist scans and meetings with our obstetrician, I was pregnant on the side of my uterus which was not physically connected to where we had conceived. So although we conceived naturally, there was no medical explanation for this and I was warned by my doctor that it was likely I would miscarry.

Due to this physical block (septum), I was not able to birth naturally. So I gave birth via C-section and we now have a healthy and serene little baby, who is doing so well. We will forever be abundantly grateful for the part Anna played in our baby’s safe arrival earth side.

(Name withheld for privacy)
Wellington, New Zealand

Private Retreat, Nov 2018

I was recently on Retreat with Anna and learned the Foundation technique and was subsequently Initiated and Activated into the Cosmic Life Force Energy, as taught by Anna. This was a profound and timely experience that has lifted my connection to Creation and my place within it. Everyday since as I open more to the Cosmic Life Force Energy I am becoming more present to this life and more actively involved in my spiritual development and expression here on Earth. I sense a true co-creation occurring,  filled with hope, and the possibility of far-fetched dreams and desires manifesting.
I feel more joy, more light, more freedom.

Shadows, doubt, fear and lower grids that I have been tethered to in the past dissolve effortlessly, much without even thinking of it. Key people in my life are communicating more their own truths and dreams, and there is freedom in my relationships with others.
I feel a deep peace and ease in myself that is growing daily. Everyday I am deeply nurtured and filled with absolute love from the CLFE and all divine spirits that walk with me.
This is a powerful tool for connection, and one that as I practice is allowing deep healing and transformation on a personal, global and cosmic level. It is evolutionary.
Kaz. R 

It has been incredible. I know it has changed something huge in me.Thank you.
CLFE - Intro Group Event
LCD, Wellington

The Cosmic Life Force Energy experience in Castle Hill was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever felt in a meditation.. I was actually lost for words.
Castle Hill Group Retreat, 2018
OR, Wellington

Last night was amazing, we've been talking about it all day. I'm feeling very light, and relaxing into a deeper depth of love for myself.
CLFE - Intro Group Event, Wellington

I felt like I came home to myself.
CLFE - Intro Group Event
Ollie, Wellington

This is a powerful tool for connection, and one that as I practice is allowing deep healing and transformation on a personal, global and cosmic level.

I feel a deep peace and ease in myself that is growing daily. Everyday I am deeply nurtured and filled with absolute love from the Cosmic Life Force Energy.

A profound and timely experience that has lifted my connection to Creation and my place within it.