"This is the most useful, practical and empowering tool I have ever been given"


Session one - Your BLUEPRINT 

Learn about Blueprintology

Discover your Soul's original BLUEPRINT which is your Vibrational Signature in the Cosmos. This is a fascinating, revealing and very useful process. In most people it not only lays down a depth of motive which can be life changing but it also sets up a conscious alignment to that which is your Essence.

Also discover what you thought you were 'stuck' with can now dissolve because of how the BLUEPRINT process gives clarity. This clarification process is known as CLFE Blueprintology

Cost: $333
Session length: 1.5 - 2 hrs
Prerequisite: none

Please bring: several sheets of A4 blank paper, pen and a folder or A4 envelope to keep your notes

"Your BLUEPRINT has changed my life for the better"

"Your BLUEPRINT has changed my life for the better"


Session two - The Art of Recapitulation  

Q & As from Session one

Develop a deeper understanding of Your BLUEPRINT Portfolio

Learn the Art of CLFE Recapitulation to track down and release blocks, shadow, fear, resistance etc within you, especially what may be stopping you from living in alignment with your BLUEPRINT.

Discover  how CLFE Recapitulation empowers you to resolve the "hidden aspects" of your Being along with anything which is causing you stress, agitation, unhappiness etc so you can walk the path of true freedom. After learning how to track the cause of a distress (which can show up in body, emotions, mind & soul), you then learn how to clear it using various Recapitulation techniques taught by Anna.
CLFE Recapitulation techniques give clear parameters but also  leave enormous scope for your own personal expression and creativity to blossom and flow. Please note that some things take several "track and clears" because they are multi faceted.

Receive 2 Cosmic Life Force Energy Rays to assist you with everything in this MODULE

After your session you will receive an in depth pdf on the CLFE Recapitulation techniques

Cost: $333
Session length: 1.5 - 2 hrs
Prerequisite: COSMIC TOOLS - Your BLUEPRINT Session one
Please bring: your folder with all written pages from session one

As you go through Your BLUEPRINT and CLFE Recapitulation  process you will be amazed at what you discover, not least of all the amazing talents and abilities you already possess within yourself. From these discoveries you can open to experiencing life changing realignment to your true place in the Cosmos as well as vast unfoldings of your own personal gifts. Knowledge is Power!

COSMIC TOOLS is incredibly useful for tracking down and clearing root causes of distress in any area of your life.

 Anna knows that COSMIC TOOLS can help many people and wants this made available to anyone seeking this kind of help. In light of this please share this page.

Now that you have completed COSMIC TOOLS - Your BLUEPRINT you qualify to do CLFE FOUNDATION (if you haven't done it already.

 After completing FOUNDATION you can continue through the CLFE training sequential process or go straight to COSMIC TOOLS Modules 2 & 3

What people are saying about Your BLUEPRINT training

This is the best tool I have ever been given

Discovering my BLUEPRINT has been 100% the reason for a huge increase in my income and decrease in my stress levels

I felt like crying when I discovered my BLUEPRINT

I have been waiting to discover this all my life!

For 10 years I have been chipping away at fashion designs and clothing etc but I could NEVER find that specific energy I wanted to express. And I feel that's what kept driving me actually, trying to find that " oh! HI THERE YOU ARE!" type of feeling. And that feeling arrived the other night when all of a sudden I understood SO CLEARLY what I needed to create/birth.
And this has only happened because of "Your BLUEPRINT"

I know so many other creative and talented people who could really benefit creatively, from with aligning with their blueprint