CLFE Healing includes:

Dynamic Clearing, Recalling scattered energies & energy containment, Activating & Boosting the CLFE Flow within you, Healing Rays, Building your forcefield, Clearing your Inner Cosmic Channel, Creating stability and balance within your Being, specific Wellbeing targeting, Emotional support and upliftment, Organ Rejuvenation, Balancing & Nourishing your Elements, Nourishing & Balancing your Chakras, Glandular Rejuvenation and more if required (at Anna's discretion) plus an Energetic Protection Seal for up to 24 hours post healing. 

CLFE Healing is for


- Want to undergo a deep Healing experience

- Need Clearing and Healing

- Want to give their entire Being a deep energy treatment

- Are run down on many levels of their being

- Who intuitively know this is what they need

- Want to give themselves profound self care

- Are doing the CLFE Training but are not at the levels offered in the Full CLFE Healing Flow

- Are interested in doing the CLFE Training and want to test the waters (this is also a tremendous energy prep for your CLFE Foundation Flow Training and CLFE Training in general)

How do I receive my Healing?

Your CLFE Healing is generally sent at a specific appointment time. Other times are by mutual agreement e.g. during the night while you sleep. 

At the time of your appointment you will be required to sit or lie quietly and undisturbed for your session. Anna will  essage you as she is starting. When the Healing is complete you will receive a text, FB messenger or email confirming this. You will also receive a follow up recorded message to your email.

How to book

Before you  contact Anna to make your booking, please read in depth about CLFE Healing here

Now contact Anna to book your selected CLFE Healing.

At the time of booking you will mutually decide what time you will receive your Healing. 

Next make payment to confirm your appointment.

Please note that CLFE Healings are usually a distant healing service. 


COST: Anna will quote you as the cost will vary depending on the need. This is to be paid before your appointment.

INCLUDES: CLFE Healing & follow up Recorded Message emailed to you